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Well, well, well, look who’s got some free candy for the Metaverse? Do you remember going over to grandma’s house and she’d have that bowl of old crusty candy? That’s not the kind of candy we got. Our candy is sweeter than ever now that it’s free.
Did we say free? Absolutely we did. And not like creepy white van free candy, either. This isn’t a trick to trap you. Once you taste the sweet freedom of climbing and racing your friends, you’ll be begging to stay and play our sugary free goodness.
Look, we’ve been around since the beginning, so we know how climbing and racing games work. We don’t monkey around with simple school yard games, we have timed races against your friends to the top of the temptingly tasty tower to prove you’re the king or queen of the sugary kingdom.
And did we say it’s now free! Free Candy. The more we say it, the less creepier we get! Just try it, it’s free. If you don't like it, then we can tell all your friends you hate candy. And nobody likes a candy-hater. That’s just weird. So don’t be weird, and pretend like it’s Halloween and the neighbors left out a bowl that says take one, but you know you’re going to grab the biggest handful because they have the full size candy bars that no one else in the neighborhood gives out. No? Is that just us? Fine, but you have permission to take a big ol’ handful of our free candy. 
Sweet Escape is now free on the Oculus…. er, no… Meta Quest App Lab platform! Same sweet multiplayer climbs, tasty new price of free.
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